The Dog Dive

​Hydrotherapy and Massage

Canine hydrotherapy is a form of general fitness and pre/post operative recovery for dogs that has been around for many years. Originally hydrotherapy was used as a form of treatment and prevention for leg injuries with race horses. Due to the lucrative benefits found by treating horses, investors began to reciprocate treatments for canines. Eventually, hydrotherapy was recognized internationally leading to the creation of the first specialized hydrotherapy pool in the UK for greyhound racing dogs. Hydrotherapy can be used in many cases. Some being the speedy recovery after surgeries, obesity, and to help strengthen and maintain physical conditions.

The Dog Dive is the only hydrotherapy facility for dogs in southwest Michigan. The facility is equipped with a warm water pool (25x13x14 ft) that is maintained at a comfortable 84-86F. This temperature is ideal to increase blood flow and relaxes joints and muscles to allow increased flexion and extension. The non-weight bearing exercise eases pain and aids in recovery after injury or surgery.

Canine Massage Therapy

Canine massage therapy services include warm water massage by certified WaterWork practitioners. The massage therapy techniques help with rehabilitation for injured dogs (with veterinarian approval), relaxation sessions for grieving or traumatized dogs and maintaining or building physical strength.

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